Monday, May 30, 2011

Day Three, Goats Gruff

Find me under a bridge or next to one outside of what might be Carnation, Washington. I have walked something like twenty-five miles. I didn't mean to, of course. I thought I would stop at eighteen or so and ask some friendly landowner to let me set up my tent.

In daylight, you understand, the way I practiced it. On a soft patch of ground with flowers around and maybe a puppy to play with. But I didn't meet any landowners, at least not friendly ones. A woman at an RV park offered me tent space for forty bucks. She had a spittle moustache and the place looked like something Scooby and the Gang ought to be looking into one of these days. Later a man with an obscenely neat little beard looked at me like I was a hobo. And I showered and shaved this morning. He smelled like beefy curry.

I did meet some nice folks--on bicycles, no less. I must endeavour to conquer my predjudices against the cycling breed. And I walked through Issaquah which I had always dismissed as another ghastly suburb of Seattle but which is in fact a charming little town. A bit self-consciously, perhaps, but I wasn't there long enough to question their sincerity.

And I learned a few things, namely:
*Lutheran churches are always built on the left side of the road, facing downhill. God only knows why.
*Nothing good ever comes with a road with the word "hill" in its name. "So-and-so Hill Road" or "Such-and-such Mountain Highway"... forget about it.
*Goats poop more like dogs than they do horses, but they lack the dog's endearing sense of shame.

So on that bright and educational note, I will let you go. Thanks for tuning in.

Found: two dimes, one penny
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  1. James, I had fun meeting you this morning at Chelee's World in Carnation. I'm home in Duvall right now and you should be getting to Duvall about now 12:46 pm. The picture I posted is Chelee and me after my daughter (not pictured) installed the signs I made for Chelee. She's going to allow me to display my woodcraft products so I trade work for shelf space and we barter other stuff as well.

    Hope no black bears ate you between Carnation and Duvall. Say hi to the rest of America for me. If you need any help while you're somewhere west of Wenatchee give me a call. 206-369-8258. Also, if you get the chance stop for a beer in Leavenworth at Gustavs, it sits on a triangle lot as you get to the downtown area. Good food and great beer. If you like IPA order a Hodgsons. The waiter there once told me that's the beer God orders when he comes in. It's one of the best IPAs I've ever had.

    I hope you have ample supply of moleskin. That's the stuff you cut to fit your blister and then cut a hole where the blister goes and the moleskin around it protects it from further rubbing. Could be a lifesaver or at least a footsaver. I would have recommended the Ben Howard road just before the bridge into Monroe, it winds through a beautiful valley and dumps you right downtown in Sultan. Also, the Sultan bakery is fantastic and you will be more than full with their huge portions, You can get breakfast, lunch and bakery good there. Ask anyone it's right on the highway.

    Later for now,


  2. James,

    I wondered where you'd gotten off to all the hoopla at the banjo hangout. It seems you're off on an adventure. Good on you.

    So, should you make it to Virginia, drop me a note and I'll put you up for a spell if you're inclined.