Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Key West

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  1. Congrats, im going to miss reading your story everyday and seeing where your at. Im the mechanic from Wahlstrom Ford in Nebraska and have been keeping up on your travels every since talking to you. Thanks, it was interesting and take care.

  2. You are amazing James! Now the newest journey has begun! I'm excited to read about it as it unfolds for you!!!

  3. Congrats James.....a great accomplishment. I hope the trip was what you expected, and gave you time to think about and plan the next part of your life. Enjoyed reading of your adventures. Good luck going forward, and hope you'll post some pics on your blog. Keep in touch.
    Jeff, a fellow walker.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Keep blogging, please! Every morning I look to see "where James is and what he has done". What am I going to do now? Take care and many thanks for providing an interesting journey. Dona your 80 year old friend.

  5. Congratulations!! Tattoo Tom, Yohundra and the tribe, and Ronne and me are very proud of you. Now the big question, what Now? At least you have a unique accomplishment to put on your resume.

    Take care and God bless

  6. Congratulations James!!! You have accomplished your mission! I wish you the same good luck & happiness on the road of life as I wished you headed South on the road to Okeechobee - I'm sure you recall ..... Someday I too am gonna leave this Junction - pack up my things & head out West. Maybe we can continue our discussion of Uriah Heap & Agnes in a different forum. Stay safe - Deputy Bob

  7. Hey "owyadoin" [how you doing in Bronx New Yawwwk,,, its Cipowitz]. Over the course of time i hope to work backwards and read ur blogs. If u do get back thru Tavenier, call me, buy u a real meal NOT McD's. Later JHP - just thought of something if you pronounce your initials as J for J,,, Hay for H and P for Pierce - it sounds like "JAP",,, LMAO

  8. guess who;;
    when u get a chnc laptop this url
    if u want an experience that will blow u away and can not be compared to anything you have everdone,,,, i'll KIT and we can sidekick at the next one.

  9. James,

    It's been 190 days since our parting and I've been reading your travel log ever since. Once you survived South Dakota, I knew you'd be okay...we're the resilient type after all. I finished my trip on October 2nd at beach 1 in La Push, WA. It was cold, windy, and absolutely beautiful. There were seagulls there to greet me, and I finally watched the sun set over the Pacific through an overcast sky.

    I'll never forget you telling me how much I'd enjoy the country west of Billings, MT and how right you were! I remember being simultaneously blown away and filled with dread at the first sight of the Rockies that sultry day and then there you were, under an I-90 overpass with encouraging words and friendly company to get me through it once again. And yes, my mom is cute--she's beautiful in fact.

    I've since moved to Austin, TX to tend the bar and cook at my friend's new gastropub and I'm loving it here. I'm saving up for the next adventure, since there should always be one of those in mind...But congratulations once again, companion of the road. I imagine you'll benefit from the many lessons of the trip and the perspective gained from all those meaningful partings and experiences. Feel free to contact me at anthonynicaj@gmail.com. So long, James.

  10. Help. I'm seriously considering making this trek in 2019. Would love info on Jame's Journey - Blog but only finding entries as his walk drew to a close. Please, if anyone reads this, I'd like to make contact with him. Thanks. Al.Ignace@gmail.com