Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Truth in Advertising

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  1. Hi James, sounds like all is going well and you're having good luck with the weather. Hope that continues for the remainder of your journey, which is not that far off.

    About your Samsung woes......"sucks" is not a very descriptive diagnostic term, so it's hard for others to help with your problem. I'm sure you're aware there are multiple components to your device: the device itself, battery, software, signal carrier, and the user (in this case one James Pierce). It seems you are able to post every day, so exactly what is the problem? Maybe one of your readers have had similar problems and can help.

    Samsung is one of the highest rated producers of electronic devices, and while there are occasional glitches, they didn't get these ratings by "sucking". Maybe the device is programmed to sap the life out of your battery every time you type "Samsung Sucks"? It seems a shame to let the quirks of a phone (or whatever) divert attention from the beauties of a wonderful trip.

    I don't know what your plans are when you reach the end, but don't think I'd waste time sending a resume to Samsung! Good luck to you, and enjoy that humidity.